GEAR Groups

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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

SAVE THE DATE: MONDAY, FEB. 21 If you are one of our highly valued volunteers, we want to invite you to our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. This red carpet event is for you and your … Read More

Summit Sync-Up

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month it’s Summit Sync-Up time! So after church grab your friends and family, and invite others in the church to sync up at a restaurant of your choice! … Read More

Online Campus Update

Starting January 2022, we have an exciting new change to the Online Campus. We will be recording the Sunday morning service and webcasting it to the online campus every Sunday at 6PM! Whether you are … Read More

Let’s Grab Coffee

Whether you need to talk about something, ask a question that’s been on your heart, or maybe you just need a good ol’ caffeine fix, we’d love to hang out! Click the “Let’s Grab Coffee!” … Read More