It’s That Time Again!

2019 is here and February is just around the corner and 12 new Gear Groups will be starting. We’ve got Home Groups and Interest Groups meeting every day of the week, so find yours by registering below.

We are excited to see what God will do as we strive to know Him, His Word, and others on a deeper level. Something GREAT is about to happen at SUMMIT—can you FEEL IT?


Some of you may be saying, “What are GEAR groups?” Well, simply put, this is the name of the small groups ministry at Summit. GEAR is an acrostic:

G = We gather and “belong” with one another…
E = to explore your journey with Jesus via spiritual growth and development…
A = the adventure of service and contribution to the health and vitality of the church and community, and
R = to experience real-life christianity in practical and effective ways that impact our world as outlined in the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20)

We meet in the homes of our Summit family for our home-based groups, at various locations for our activity-based or “Interest” groups, or other specific locations for classes in the future.


Call the church office or email Pastor Dave at for more details or if you have any questions.